27 July 2013

Paranormal 101: "Keeping it real"

If an event, movie, tv show or any media is focused on the sensationalism of scaring you or it's just about the dark, macabre, horror or gruesome side of the paranormal then chances are high that it is not real paranormal.

It's pathetic that so many people in the paranormal field are banking on the horror genre of the paranormal in order to make a buck or two. This kind of unprofessional, snake-oil salesman shenanigans is detrimental to what it is true paranormal researchers are trying to do.

Sure, have fun with your zombie, vampire and slasher movie fan events. But, keep in mind that it is just entertainment and not about real paranormal research.

05 December 2012

Upcoming activities...

I'm still in the game and working on several projects at the moment. Website is being worked on and will be open in the near future . . . I hope.

If you know of any good locations in the Western Montana area then please get in contact with me.